Literature, Toy, and Memorabilia Show for Porsches and Vintage VW's

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at the LAX Hilton Hotel

Presented by Stoddard

Vendor Registration


For vendors, please send $100 per table advance registration fee to the LA Lit and Toy Show (checks payable to "LA Lit Meet"). Tables will be $150 each at the door. Please mail to arrive in Highland Heights, OH by Friday February 23rd, 2018 – VERY LATEST – for the low rate. Otherwise there will be no alternative to paying $150 at the door. We cannot confirm your registration unless you provide your email address. All confirmations will be email only – and only if your registration is received by February 23rd. Thank you.


Please click here to download official form and return with payment to:


LA Lit and Toy Show

c/o Stoddard NLA

190 Alpha Park

Highland Heights, Ohio 44143



NOTE #1:

As consideration for being permitted to be a vendor at the Porsche Literature, Toy, & Memorabilia Meet (“Lit Meet”), Vendor hereby agrees, on his/her behalf and on behalf of his/her assigns, heirs, distributees,guardians, and legal representatives, that Vendor will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of the organizers of the Lit Meet, their employees, agents, servants, or others who assist with the Lit Meet. This release applies to all successors and companies that are related in any way to the Lit Meet.


NOTE #2:

ALL vendors must supply us with a California Board of Equalization Form BOE-410 (see below). If a potential vendor does not provide the required paperwork, entry will be denied and THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS for non-compliance, because we will have allocated space for you.


NOTE #3:

Tables will be assigned.  Tables are 2 1/2' X 6'. Returning and earlier registrations will be given priority on their preferred locations. Vendors who request placement by buddy(ies) who register late risk being assigned based on where their buddies go.


NOTE #4:

Free admittance to Vendor and ONE helper per Additional Table after the first one. For example: If a vendor pays for three tables, they get their entry and two other entries to the meet for free. Additional entries will pay $30 to enter the hall before 9 a.m. or $10 to enter after 9 a.m. No exceptions. And please leave the kids and pets home – it’s better for them, you, and all the rest of us too.


NOTE #5:

No smoking.  No greasy or large car parts; smaller trim and accessory items are fine. Food and drink available close by in the hotel.


NOTE #6:

No ancillary tables or racks unless you arrange it in advance with the LA Lit Meet Committee.


NOTE #7:

Parking is available at the Hilton Hotel with valet parking at the front entrance or self-park by driving to the alley on the western side of the hotel. There is another garage right next to the Hilton. Oversize vehicles and very tall vans will not fit in the Hilton lot, but will fit into the open lot one block to the west of the Hilton.





  1. 1.To be a vendor every one must fill out and submit to us a California Board of Equalization Form BOE-410, stating that:
    *  You have a California Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit and are supplying its number; OR
    *  You are display only: “no sales of tangible personal property are being made or solicited at this event;” OR
    *  You are an “occasional seller” – selling two times a year or less.

    Please note that if you do not qualify as a display or an occasional vendor, the following ruling probably applies: “A seller’s permit is required by any person that operates a business and purchases merchandise.”  Thus, if you fall into this category, and have a permanent place of business in CA, you will need to obtain a CA Board of Equalization Resale Number. You may do this by following this link to California Tax ID Services.

    If you go this route, you will need a NAICS business code for page 3 “Business Type” and the closest one I could research was 423920 – Toy and Hobby Goods and Supplies.  This link does the entire process and issues your Resale Certificate, despite BOE saying you have to bring proof of identity to the nearest BOE office.

    If you are from outside California, and you are not a “display only” or an “occasional” seller, you will need to apply for a Temporary Location Permit.  See the following paragraph for details.

  2. If you already have a California Seller’s Permit for a permanent place of business, the CA law says you need to apply for a “Temporary Location Permit” so they can distribute tax sharing to the correct towns and counties.  Not kidding.  You cannot make this crap up.  To apply for said temporary permit, follow the same procedure outlined above for getting a permanent seller’s permit (using the BOE website), except that you need to “click” on the “Temporary Location only” box when you come to it.

  3. EVERY VENDOR must supply to us a completed Form BOE-410; and if you are a licensed CA Seller, we will also need a copy of your Temporary Location Permit. It is our understanding that a copy of this form, or its number, can be obtained online. No one will be permitted to vend without the required forms on file with us.  The fine for us is $1,000 for each vendor without the required forms on site.  That’s a lot of motivation for us to keep you away if you blow off these requirements.

  4. If you register for the Lit Meet without the Form BOE-410 filed with us, promising it “later,” and later never happens, you will not vend at the show and you will not get a refund since we will have allocated space to you.

  5. Any sales of merchandise, shipped out-of-state, is not subject to California sales tax.  Lastly, by California law, vendors who have a seller’s permit, must display said permit in sight of the public view.


California Board of Equalization Form BOE-410

The 35th annual porsche and vintage vw literature, toy & memorabilia meet

Brought to you by Stoddard NLA LLC


Saturday, March 3, 2018

The LAX Hilton Hotel

5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90045


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